Marshak et al. Reading Response

“Exploring Barriers to College Students Use of Disability Services and Accommodations” is the name of a research paper that Laura Marshak and four others wrote. In the paper they explore their methodology and results in conducting interviews about college students with disabilities and how effectively the students use the services the schools must provide for […]

Spoon Theory Response

“Spoon Theory” is a quick read that creates an analogy that makes understanding how one lives with a disability easy. A person has a set number of ‘spoons’ to spend each day, and every task that one does throughout the day uses one up. Someone without a disability may have hundreds to spend; however, one […]

Dolmage Response

As I understand, the author intended for this chapter to show the often harmful cliches about people of disability in our media; e.g. films, books, tv. The author does this by giving examples of these cliches and then providing┬árelevant uses of them in current media. From these he concludes that the reason that the myths […]